Ivory Tower and Entrepreneurship

In order to answer the question ‘Are universities, often perceived as ivory towers, a right place for prospective entrepreneurs to learn and grow?,’ INO researchers Toke Reichstein and Jing Chen have made an analysis based on data from Statistics Denmark to find out how many university graduates actually become entrepreneurs.

You can read what they have found out in the article in the CBS Observer: http://cbsobserver.dk/ivory-tower-and-entrepreneurship-0



New Firm Performance and the Replacement of Founder-CEO

Founder turnover at high-tech and VC-backed startups is perceived, often by outside investors, as a rational response to an anticipated mismatch between entrepreneurs’ ability and the future of the business. But does the same logic apply to the vast majority of startups in the population that do not usually experience rapid transformational growth and have more autonomy to make their own founder-replacement decisions? To indulge our curiosities for the control dynamics of the typical small business and the forces governing business transfers, we investigate the causes and consequences of founder turnover among over 4,000 Danish startups.

This short video provides you with a teaser of this study and some intriguing findings that stand in sharp contrast to those drawn from the highly selected high-tech and VC-backed startups. Follow this link to see the video.