Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Prof. Toke Reichstein is the designated speaker at the spring 2016 “From PhD to ABC” event held at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship and  co-organized with the CBS Entrepreneurship BiS Platform. These events offers a forum in which researchers translate some of their research results into tangible information that can help students or others make better choices in business or in terms of personal career choices. These events foremost centers on entrepreneurship research.

Abstract: Entrepreneurs often face decisions that are both difficult and challenging. Two of the most major decisions regards A) whether to establish a new venture and B) whether to close down the newly started venture if things are not going as planned.

Recent research partly carried out at CBS sheds new light on these decisions. Virgilio Failla (LMU), Francesca Melillo (KU Leuven) and Toke Reichstein (CBS) have scrutinised Danish labor market data to understand when and why entrepreneurs start their own business and why they persist relatively long in the entrepreneurial career.

These findings have major implications for understanding the entrepreneurial choice and the survival of new businesses. And they give entrepreneurs some understanding of when to even consider becoming an entrepreneur and why they sometimes prolong their ventures even when they should close them down.

Date: 19 May 2016


Place: CSE, Porcelænshaven 26, 2000, Frederiksberg, Denmark

Speaker: Prof. Toke Reichstein (INO, CBS)

Organizers: CBS Entrepreneurship BiS Platform and Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

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Do You Have the Nerve? Fail Forward to Success

Friday the 13th of November, Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE), CBS’ Entrepreneurship Platform and the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Chair of Entrepreneurship at CBS welcome students and staff to an exciting Failure & Entrepreneurship event under the heading: Do You Have the Nerve? Fail Forward to Success.

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Teaching Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Platform will host an event 8 October on the experiences and challenges related to teaching entrepreneurship.

Three experienced teachers will give their take on case based teaching, studio based teaching or simulation based teaching.

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The Baton of Entrepreneurship

Motivated by the need for understanding the differences in the way we perceive and think about entrepreneurship, the CBS Entrepreneurship BiS Platform set out to ask 10 scholars from CBS to offer their thoughts on 5 dimensions with regard to entrepreneurship. In what could best be described as a curiosity-driven relay, these scholars passed the baton over to the next person, resulting in a ‘run’ across departments and varying traditions of thought.

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Health Tech Entrepreneurship – Policy Conference 2015

Health-tech is one of society’s most exciting emerging industries as it holds substantial promise for growth, prosperity and welfare. In addition, it also represents a healthcare solution for the growing size of society’s population of pensioners. This makes health-tech one of the most important issues in modern society. This conference aims at debating the challenges of integrating and fine-tuning health-tech into modern society and how we might overcome these challenges in making health-tech a productive and highly beneficial part of the modern society.

The conference takes place 18 September at CBS.

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INO at the CSE Entrepreneurial Day

Two researchers from INO are giving talks at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Day 24 September.

Mirjam van Praag will give a talk under the heading: What makes an entrepreneur?

Toke Reichstein will give a talk under the heading: Models for Overcoming the Challenge of Securing Funding.

Both talks will take place at Solbjerg Plads, auditorium SP01.

If you are unable to attend the talks they will be live streamed by Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship. Go to the website and stay tuned..

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