Best paper price at DRUID

At this years DRUID conference, the best paper price was awarded to Maria Halbinger (Baruch College, New York) and Toke Reichstein (INO, CBS). Their paper, Entrepreneur’s Social Skills: Experience, Hackers and Haikus, is an investigation into how specific entrepreneurial social skills may be a precipitator of entrepreneurial experience.


Utilizing computational linguistics on written haiku poems to identify social skills among more than 450 hackers and makers, we build a theory of conscientiousness, social awareness and social influence and their association with entrepreneurial experience defined by number of times the individual has been involved in new firm establishment.

We tie these individual qualities to the individual’s entrepreneurial tendencies by considering three core activities of entrepreneurship: information gathering, translation of information into business opportunities, and securing resources.

We distinguish theoretically between establishment of the first start-up (entrepreneurship) and the repeated transitioning into entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial experience). Entrepreneurial experience is found to be positively associated with self-confidence and social awareness while negatively associated with social influence.

Qualitative scrutiny of the Haiku Poems provides further support for the findings on social influence and bestows added confidence in the use of computational linguistics on Haiku poems for addressing research questions on social skills. All results are robust with regard to generic personality traits.


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